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M.E.C.A. - Market, Expertise, Consulting und Akquisition

Through its four core divisions – Market Experience, Expertise, Consulting and Acquisition – Gabel M.E.C.A. offers a unique and specialized approach that aims to maximize the competitiveness and success of our partners and clients.

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M - Market

30 years of cross-market experience

30 years of cross-market experience:
With over 30 years of market experience in various industries, including automotive, mechanical engineering, aerospace, plastics and IIoT, we have established ourselves as a trusted and competent sales representative in industrial sectors. Our extensive network includes more than 1000+ contacts in OEMs and numerous industry leaders in the automotive sector. This wide-ranging expertise enables us to develop customized strategies for our partners to succeed in a dynamic market environment. We analyze market trends and customer needs to provide innovative solutions that ensure the long-term success of our partners.

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E - Expertise

Technical know-how and innovation leadership

Technical know-how and innovation leadership:
Our expertise lies in technical sales and the provision of technical advice. We have profound knowledge in the areas of logistics, product development and process optimization. Our role is to advise our partners on the implementation of advanced technologies and ensure that their production processes and standards meet the highest industry requirements.

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C - Consulting

Strategic consulting for sustainable success

Strategic consulting for sustainable success:
Our consulting services focus on optimizing business processes and increasing operational efficiency. We offer specialized consulting in the areas of sales, logistics and management of manufacturer-specific portals. Our aim is to facilitate the sales and business processes of our partners by acting as a link between them and the OEMs. We place particular emphasis on quality assurance and compliance with relevant standards and certifications and support our partners in auditing and certification measures to ensure that they meet the highest standards in quality, environmental management and occupational safety.

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A - Acquisition

Acquiring new customers for growth and expansion

Acquiring new customers for growth and expansion:
At Gabel M.E.C.A. we focus on technical sales to win new customers for our clients in various markets and industries. With our expertise and a network of over 1000 contacts in automotive OEMs and top tiers, we present and market our partners' products effectively, focused on developing new market segments and expanding their customer base. Our proactive approach is geared towards establishing and maintaining long-term and profitable business relationships.

Target Industries

Over the past 30 years, Gabel M.E.C.A. has proven itself as a reliable and knowledgeable sales representative in a variety of industries, including automotive, engineering, aerospace, plastics, IIoT and many more. Discover new business opportunities in these sectors with us:

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